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6% Daily

Contract terms: 26 days

Min Deposit: $10

Max Deposit: $100

3% Daily

Contract terms: 60 days

Min Deposit: $101

Max Deposit: $1,000

2.5% Daily

Contract terms: 90 days

Min Deposit: $1,001

Max Deposit: $20,000

2% Daily

Contract terms: 120 days

Min Deposit: $20,001

Max Deposit: Unlimited

Welcome to Trust Funders Inc.

Trust Funders Inc. is a client focused trust and investment management company that is dedicated to consistently delivering professional service and sustainable financial rewards to our clients. Trust Funders Inc. offers a full range of financial services, providing our clients with the convenience and comfort of having their business affairs conducted under one roof.

We have a range of investment vehicles that cover the full risk spectrum. Whether you are seeking capital preservation or capital creation, our aim is to ensure a balanced spread of assets to achieve the financial goals of you and your family.

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our services and features

Flexible income fund

The Trust Funders Inc. Income Fund is a fixed interest solution which invests in traditional fixed income assets. The portfolio is actively managed by our financial experts with the objective of securing an attractive return while protecting capital.

Offshore funds

At Trust Funders Inc., we believe in the importance of diversification to reduce risk and volatility in portfolios. An investor should have exposure to a diverse mix of asset classes as well as a mix of assets from different geographical regions.

Local equity fund

The Trust Funders Inc. Equity Fund is a domestic, general equity portfolio. The investment objective of the portfolio is to seek long term capital growth through exposure to the global equity market. It is suitable for investors with a high risk profile and a long-term investment horizon.

Asset allocation fund

The Trust Funders Inc. Asset Allocation Funds invest in a wide variety of assets such as shares, bonds, listed property and cash both locally and offshore. The funds are suitable for investors who are saving for retirement. This is a multi-manager solution allowing investors to invest with a selection of our top asset managers.

Taxfree savings account

Enjoy the benefits of tax-free growth by opening a tax-free savings account with us. By taking advantage of the Trust Funders Inc. Tax-Free Savings Account, investors have access to professional financial planning advice to assess their risk profile and to determine the suitability of the product to their individual needs.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support through email. Our support representatives are always available to answer any queries that may arise during your investment period with us and long after the investment contract has expired. We are also glad to receive your feedback to help us server you better. Get in touch with us here today.

Dedicated team

We have a team of professionals who have the qualifications and expertise to offer specialist fiduciary services including: Formation and Administration of Trusts, Drafting and Safe Custody of Wills and Administration of Deceased Estates.

Affiliate program

We have an affiliate program in which you can earn a passive income without making an active investment. Find our terms to read more about this opportunity.

Timely payouts

All payments of earnings to our investors are made in a timely fashion immediately they are matured. The minimum payout is USD 50.

10% Referral earnings

Level 1 Affiliate Commission

We offer 10% referral bonus for each new member you invite immediately after they deposit their investment with us.

5% Team earnings

Level 2 Affiliate Commission

We offer an extra bonus of 5% for any new member who is invited by your Level 1 referral.

2% Team earnings

Level 3 Affiliate Commission

We offer an extra bonus of 2% for any new member who is invited by your Level 2 referral.

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